Longmont Colorado Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowedfour hens, no roosters
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredYes
Coop RestrictionsCoop and run up to 7 ft., in height, predator proof, with a solid top; 6 ft. from structures or property line; 4 sq. ft./chicken, max 120 sq.ft.; must be in rear of property; must have food and water at all times.
City/Organization Contact nameCity of Longmont http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/support/feedback.htm 303-776-6050
Additional InformationChapter 7.04.130 subsection 5: Backyard chicken hens. a. Other poultry or fowl prohibited. No person may own or keep any other fowl, including ducks, quail, geese, turkeys, or pigeons, in districts not zoned agricultural. b. No more than four chicken hens are permitted per parcel. c. Roosters prohibited. No person may own or keep a rooster in any district not zoned agricultural. d. Backyard chicken hens are restricted to the rear or backyard of any lot in a residential zoning district or the rear yard or backyard of a residential use in all other zoning districts. e. All backyard chicken hen coops shall meet the following requirements: i. Be predator-proof with a solid top. ii. Provide water at all times. iii. Are limited to a maximum of 120 square feet (includes coop space and chicken run). iv. Provide at least four square feet of space per chicken for the chicken coop and run. v. Be no taller than seven feet at the highest point of the roof. vi. Not be located between the rear of the structure and the front yard lot line. vii. Be at least six feet from any other structure and at least six feet from any side or rear property line, except that any coop in existence as of February 1, 2009, shall be exempt from this setback requirement, provided such coop meets the requirements of this subsection, and provided further that the owner of such existing coop obtains the agreement of any neighbor whose property abuts such existing coop. f. All coops shall be regularly cleaned to control dust, odor, and waste and not constitute a nuisance, safety hazard, or health problem to surrounding properties. g. No slaughtering allowed. h. Chicken feed must be stored in a resealable, airtight, metal, ratproof container, as required by § 9-16-130 of this Code, to discourage attracting mice, rats, and other vermin. i. A city permit is required for all chicken hen coops and no more than 50 permits shall be issued by the city. j. The fee for a chicken hen coop is $30.00. k. A permit may be revoked upon the conviction of the permit holder of a violation of this section. l. Following any expiration of this subsection 5, permit holders shall have a period of six months to remove any chicken hens they have on their property at the time of such expiration.
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