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  1. jen61871
    I have 2 muscovy ducks and a mixed breed chicken sharing a nest!!! Is this normal??? So far they hatched out 3 chicks! All on different days!!! And their still sitting on standard chicken eggs, a few bantam eggs-that when i candles there were live chicks, and some duck eggs. I don't know what we will end up with when all is said and done, but nothing was done properly with these 3 mamas as far as the egg laying process goes. Lol this is my 4th year with chickens and it is something else! They are so protective too especially the ducks. They are in the coop with the other chickens. I have them half closed off. I'm experimenting, I usually separate mama's and chicks but as fierce as these 3 are...I dare the other chickens to mess with their chicks lol.
    Please, I want to know if this is normal and hear stories!!
    Here are some pictures . 20190531_200939.jpg 20190605_164217.jpg 20190605_170207.jpg 20190605_170206.jpg 20190605_170207.jpg

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    I hope you started a thread so that others can share their experiences with you


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  1. MROO
    Communal living at its' best! Please restart this as a thread, instead of an article, so we can all follow and comment! This is so neat!
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      Doing it now :)

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