"Look what I found!" Chicken coop!!

By urbanfarmer134 · May 3, 2015 · Updated May 3, 2015 · ·
  1. urbanfarmer134
    So my girlfriend and I have been talking about chickens for a few weeks now so we decided to build a coop yesterday. We had picked up some A-Frame braces from a local granite counter top dealer that I had in the garage so we decided to modify what we had. I always save my scrap wood from previous jobs and this is what its been waiting for ha. We live in the city so we don't have a ton of space but we made it work. I think ha. We are open to any "newbies" advice or tricks!


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    "Good for the space"
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  1. Nardo
    very cool. show us the inside. I'm curious how you made the "A" shape work with roosts.
  2. Momma2bellas
    Love the colored door.
  3. urbanfarmer134
    The girls seem to love it we've gotten 2 eggs in under 24 hrs! Thanks
  4. lovepeeps
    cute the girls will love it

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