I am currently working on my marans the most although I have several things I want.
Im always open to trades. Im currently have way more colors of marans then I had planned on having
although I guess that is how it goes once you start you have to have more and more. My current flock consits of Wheatens, gold and silver salmon hens only right know, black copper, BBS, 1 blue birchon roo and 1 hen.

I have my salmons hens in with my wheaten roo at the moment to do a few test batchs. There is a couple things they could use that the wheatens have and many have told me that was my best choice to use them over him to keep to the standard as much as possible.

If this years genaration goes as well as last years I will be even happier then last years stock im using know! This year Im a little behind on seperating into breeding pens. I still have my black coppers I need to seperate and then comes the dilima seperate my pair of birchons or keep then with my BBS. I will most likly seperate but not as time sensitve as the others.

Just a few group shots of many of them this spring in the larger coop. 2012

Most of these lady's are getting ready to retired have many of there youngsters that have been taking there place.

one of the black hens

This is a picture of one of the groups Chicks I hatched out last year 2011. She is so pretty I think.

2011 On of my young blue pullets need some better pictures of her.

This is the Blue Roo Im Useing know! 2012

Couple of the newer 2012 blue girls!

My black copper Roo 2012

My Wheaten marans:

This is the Roo Im using this year. He still has little bit of white puff by tail but not nearly as much as my last one.over all love him! 2012



This is one of the young pullets that is getting close to laying she will be added into the breeding pen soon!