So sad yesterday lost one of our new arrivals I got six chicks sent to me all the way back east and one wasn't looking so hot so i gave her vitamins and mixed food with water for a minute it would help and that she would snap out of it but it didn't help at all. She passed away quietly in the afternoon it was so sad. I went to go check on her and she wasnt breathing so I thought no she has to be breathing but nothing I tried to wake her up nothing so I called in my hubby and he said yeah she isnt around anymore.
Talk about flashbacks to when I lost one of my favorite chickens.. Its hard to explain to our six year old daughter what happened. So we had a funeral for the little chick(hen) I think it helped my daughter a little bit. I told her that she had five other babies to take care of. And she's like okay momma I'll take care of them i promise. Are they going to live momma? I told her yes. anyway still sad but i guess thats life..