[FONT=arial black,avant garde]I lost a guinea baby today. This morning when I did my am rounds I found one of my white guinea babies laying on the floor of their pen. She was laying on her side very still and all the others were cheep cheepin for food. I moved her to her own bin for privacy and before I could let my big chickens out and get back down the hill she had passed. Very sad but still not a suprise. I'm sure a 0 death rate was not really possible when they are so very little. Only 2 weeks old, the others seem to be doing well.
Was watching the baby chickens yesterday and noticed one of the chickens with a bad behaviour problem. Was rushing around pecking others on the head for no real reason. I mean they weren't in the way of food or water. Then I noticed she was sporting a larger comb and shorter tail than her siblings and now is staying perched on top of her water dish, way up high. I think she is in fact a he......Not a real problem or now I guess. I am not opposed to another roo as long as no one is killing another. I will keep you posted on that one. They are not yet in with the large roo so that may be a truer test.
Had something get into our run, or try to get into our run......it pushed the fence over until the top snapped from the bottom. That must have alerted my blue tick mix because the chickens were out and no one was harmed. My husband suspects a bear as it stapped off a heavy gage t post....had to be a baby though if my dog ran it off. LOL he is kinda dingy, he barks at paper towels for goodness sake. He dosn't know anything yet as he is just a puppy. But hey if he keeps the peeps safe! Can't complain there! Well ttfn....