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Lost Chick

  1. citychickens2014
    I had two Ancona hens and two silkie chicks up until a week ago when a predator of some sort got into my coop and got one of my silkie chicks. The remaining chick has been crying for her sibling for days now. I just rebuilt a fence around the coop today and got a polish chick the same age/ size as the remaining silkie chick hoping to calm her down. I was out for a couple hours running errands and when I cam back found the two ancona hens and the silkie chick out of the coop and on our wood pile but there was no polish chick in sight. It was just getting dark and I looked for as long as I could. Does anyone know any tricks about how to attract the chick back to the coop or where I should look to find the chick in the morning?

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