[FONT=comic sans ms,sand] hey ya'll yes we have chickens we actually inherited them and are clueless! i never really thought of loving a chicken like a pet...but i have gotten attached to some of the hens...which keep dieing :( we have 3 hens left so we are doing everything we can to keep them...please feel free to leave your suggestions :) as they are very appreciated.[/FONT]
(***We have game chickens roosters and hens. We have them in cages about 2-3 feet by 2 feet wide. We feed them corn, milo and pellets. It seems like they are getting sour craw or impacted craw, but we are not sure why they are dieing and we are more confused by why its always the hens...i have been checking the website over and we are going to try a few wish us luck! we use boxes for nests:))***