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By Athena116699 · Sep 25, 2014 · Updated Sep 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Athena116699
    Ok Ma and Pa Kettle (The Egg and I) got me I wanted chickens, so I studied, and studied and[​IMG] and studied...for months, close to a year. Trying to find which Chicken would be right for me. My husband and I rented a small farm. He still has to drive about an hour and half to work. But getting settled in we are loving it here. To my surprise there is a hatchery just down the street...WOW..[​IMG]Is this meant to be or what...At first I wanted to get Production Reds and was contacting Cackle Hatchery, they have a great reputation. After more searching a bit more I fell in love with Buff Orpington's. Just can't imagine mailing my baby birds...So called the Heartland Hatchery which is just down the road ...they had Buff Orpington, also I wanted Wyandotte and had to have Rhode Island Red...everyone has them...and he had them all. So I tracked down and bought two Wyandottes, two Rhode Island's, one Buff and he threw in a Golden Comet. They were all sexed except for my Buff. I only want hens, that is very important. I'm a beginner and afraid of dynamics of a roo. Just not ready for that yet. By the way, it's great that I can write this because no one knows how much you can love these little guys unless you also experience it. I'm still not sure if any of them are hen or roo...So every few weeks I post pictures asking hen or roo. Now I am pretty sure my beautiful Buff is a roo, and I don't even have a Buff hen...[​IMG]So here it of my babies...they are now 10 weeks old.
    They fit in a saucer...
    one week
    Getting their feathers...
    they think another flock is in the mirror...they would all cram around the cute
    My beautiful Guinevere....2 weeks
    Well at 9 weeks old my Guinevere is now called Glennie
    Ginger 9 weeks
    Henrietta 9 weeks

    Cleopatra again 9 weeks

    I have trouble telling my RIR apart...think this is Precious

    This I think is Brett....all at 9 weeks....

    Thank you for reading my story...hope you enjoyed my pictures...

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  1. Lilorp14
    Good to have a studier in the byc flock!!!
  2. ChickyChickens
    Awesome!! I love stories like this...
  3. cmlew99
    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that you definitely have hope when it comes to little Glennie. I have a Buff Orpington rooster who is now 22 weeks, and for the longest time I didn't know if it was a he or a she. Check out this link of the thread I posted asking about my Buff and my Easter Egger. My cockerel's comb was ten times bigger at only seven weeks, so I'd say you might have all hens!
  4. Lilorp14
    if your hens haven't started laying yet and the orp has a bigger comb significantly a roo is possible. also if you take all of them out and drop a hat in the middle of the ground and roos will look up hens will duck or run away. good luck with your future flock!!!
  5. ChemicalchiCkns

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