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Just another update to say I enjoy the site, and love my chicks! Have 7 hens to date. Still have Ruthie one of my original hens, she turned 13 on Fathers Day this year.
NEW 2012-6-3
WOW - been years since I updated this site and so much has happened - less hens, less roosters and better coop. Moved flock from barn to their own coop fashioned from a 10x10 metal shed with windows and vents and box fans for air flow. They are loving it and I am loving having my girls around me. They are getting older but can't complain so am I - will add photos soon.......

Message 2009-8-23
Since the new chicks were hatched (below) so many things have happened.

Got a new puppy, Emma, a border collie. Loves the chickens. Need to get her into formal herd training so we and she knows what they best techniques are for herding the chickens and keeping them together.
I was hospitalized in first of May after my Australorp rooster Ron-Jon spurred me GOOD. So infected doctors thought I would loose my leg. Fine after regiment of antibiotics and hospital stay. Even with all that, I know, how could I still want to keep him. Hardest thing to do was to give him up. So he and 8 other cockerels went to local auction in July. Left with hens and two roosters. Out of the breeding business. Want to enjoy the hens and roos I have.
June we moved all chickens into our new barn. They are loving it and so I am. More protection and easy access to food and water changes.
Message 2009-5-11
New chicks born Easter week. Crosses with all sorts of chickens, truly all muts! Another three chicks from the Silkie Splash pullet and a Dominique cockeral mix. Nine "muts": Australorp, RIR, Cochin, Langsham crosses. Cute as buttons.

Message 2009-4-16
Lost Barbara (RIR rooster) to a predator, suspect a bob cat. He was protecting his girls.

Message 2009-3-12
New chicks born Valentine's day are three weeks old: Olive, Angel Rose and Goldie. All are a product of a Silkie Splash pullet and a Dominique cockeral mix. Love is blind!
Message 2009-1-23
Chicks and coops in the garage. Coldest temps for SW FL this week. Chicks are not used to 30 degree temps with wind chills of 20. I am such a softy.

Introduction of flocks was mildly successful.
Continue to run flocks seprately, one out in the am and the other in the pm. Will seperate out roosters now and rotate them amongst the hens. Learning as I go.
No roosters in the pot for me. Will contemplate trading or selling, to keep hens safe and healthy.
Messsage from 2008-12-12
Frankie is recooporating in the garage. After a visit to the vet, antibiotics, and muscle relaxers and two weeks of rest later, he is limping less. Not the same bird, may never be, but limping less. All I can ask for. Now the hard part - reintroducing him to the flock! Wish me Luck!

[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Message from 2008-11-25

Never Say Never - I bought 4 more hens to balance out the "roosters" in my flock. So far so good introducing the 4 new hens. But a fight broke out between my youngest two roosters and now Frankie walks with a limp. Got to go to the vet. I am hoping he will recover ok....

Adding my new hens to the list - not Eight Is Enough any more.......

Message from 07-01-08
I am new to this chicken business, eventhough I caught the chicken bug when I was very small. I was the recipient of an Easter Chick purchased for me by my grandfather in the early 1960s. I knew I was a chicken lover from the start.

This year I was able to actualize my dream with the help of my sister Donna and her friend, Barbara who purchased five chicks for me for my 50th birthday (one for every decade). I have added three more (one for good luck and two more because my sister liked them) - so Eight Is Enough for now.
Here are my babies - they miss being in the house and the AC - I cried when they moved into their outside coop. My house and husband were thankful - too much dust and poop:

Born mid-March 2008:
Ron-Jon = named for my dad - Australorp Rooster (sold at auction July 2009)

Rary = named for my mom - Langsham
Nora = named for my Aunt Nora - Rhode Island Red (rooster)
Donna = named for my sister - Gloden Cochin
Barbara = named for my sister's friend - Rhode Island Red (rooster) (taken by a predator 4/16/09)


Born mid-June 2008 (finally outside, as of October):
Fluffy Flo = named for my Aunt Florence - Splash Silkie
Frankie = named for my Unlce Frank (praying for a hen) - Dominique
Ruthie = named for my mother-in-law - Game Hen

New as of 11/15/08:
Marilyn = named for my cousin - Australorp hen
Maureen = named for my cousin - Australorp hen
Marla = named for my cousin - Australorp hen
Julie = named for my sister's friend - Rhode Island Red hen


I plan to add stories and share my experinces as a new chicken owner!

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