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  1. HomeGrownChick
    DSC_0216.jpg I started out with a very small flock (5 chicks) but wanted a coop that would allow me to grow my flock should I decide to. I researched everything I could on Backyard Chickens and on every website I could find. I needed something I could build myself, and sturdy enough to protect from a variety of wildlife predators (my home backed to the forest), cold winters, the wet monsoon season, and hot summers of Northern Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon. This one fit the bill. I purchased the "kit" from a chicken coop only company and had it delivered. I'm pleased to say that it has held up well, was easy to clean (in the coop, the run was difficult), and made a cute home for my chickies. I recently gave it to a friend who took over my flock when we moved 1300 miles North and I feared they would not make the journey safely. After a serious battle with Javalina, the run had to be replaced but the coop is still functioning well after 6 years!

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  1. Anonymous
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 19, 2019
    Very nice coop!
  2. MROO
    "Very Nice Coop!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 30, 2019
    That looks pretty sturdy. What company made your kit? And Javelina? You really DID have lots of predators!
    1. HomeGrownChick
      I bought the kit from CCOnly, and the actual coop was great (although it's a soft wood, I oiled the exterior once every couple of years and it held up well)! The run was too small once I added to the flock, and the Javalina literally smashed it opened to get to the feed inside the run which took a LOT of force to do, so I replaced it with a MUCH larger metal dog kennel I bought at Tractor Supply. It was a great starter coop though, and looked nice in the yard.
  3. ChickNanny13
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 29, 2019
    Wow that is some set up ... Functional & secure. Will you be building another :fl I keep saying this is my last year but have yet to "quit" ;) Thank you for sharing, that picture is perfect :hugs
    1. HomeGrownChick
      Thank you @ChickNanny13! Yes, we're totally addicted to having a flock, and I get carried away with how many! lol
      So... we're in the process now of converting a kennel that is attached to the back of our house to a Coop. The former owner of our new place boarded dogs here with some very interesting and functional designs. :)


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