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Lovemyfeatherbabiess Member Page

  1. LoveMyFeatherBabies
    My name is Anna and I live in the NC foothills only a tenth of a mile from the SC state line. It's beautiful country and a great place to have chickens!

    Here is my darling family: My husband, his four children, and me...the wicked step mother! (I don't mind this label, really)

    This is our first egg we ever got....it was a day of much jubilation!

    Here is a sampling of our egg varieties early on in the laying.


    When we first got our chickens, it was not a planned endeavor. my husband's parents sent them home with us after we mentioned an interest in them. They lived in a reinforced dog run with a dog house for shelter until we built a proper coop.
    This is our funny story about our chickens. We butchered 9 roosters after we were able to tell them apart. This one was a little iffy...her wattles and combs were a lot bigger than the others. We didn't want any fighting between her and Waylon our rooster if she was a rooster so we let her roam around in the yard. This is her pecking in the herb planter after we harvested our herbs. We named her Randy thinking she was a he. She laid 2 eggs on our deck and is now a part of the whole family in the coop! (Her new name is Brandy)

    Here is Levi with Brandy...they are good buddies ;)

    A few of my girls...I will work on a picture of our beautiful RIR rooster, Waylon.

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