Just found you all a few days ago... will be nice to be able to communicate with others who either don't think I am nuts OR may be a bit nutty as well :) I began my chicken adventure a few months back with a couple pullets, was told they were golden commets (one person told me they were part white leghorn and part rhode island red...another told me they were part rhode island red and part white rock) I would like to know but is not that important, to me they are Clarabelle and Clementine. The former started laying on the 8th of sept. and has had 4 eggs in 5 days! I have been there for support each time.... most people told me she would cluck, but she seems quite dignified about it and has not made a sound. I have also began my first incubation attempt with 12 rhode island red eggs last night... I have read alot but have zip for practical knowledge! lpollard12 mom of 2 grown kids, nana mam to 1 revved up 11 month old granddaughter, fiancee to mr. wonderful....ly stubborn (he is being a bit pulled into the whole chicken thing) ...3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 mini horse ( a small pony on the way).... and 2 hens with more to come!