This is our Coop in progress.
I'm starting out with it being 8'x9' mainly because I had enough tin sheets and spare lumber to build it that size, with Left side door unfinished at present.

I have 1/2" hardware cloth on bottom and all 4 sides. Because of my past experiences with chickens and ducks I also have 2x4 wire on the inside, around the bottom to ensure if the pack comes around again they can't get through to my chickens. I like knowing my chickens will be snake, hawk, and other predator protected.


I still have to build a nice strong door. I used the idea of cut timbers that are drying with branches on... for my flock to nest on. The timber pieces are duct strapping secured to the roof joists and side bar.
I will be adding some dirt on top of the hardware cloth bottom. Maybe even some sod and section it up for spreading... The floor gets sun most of the day.
I'm going to have to run power out there so I Can place a light and later a enclosed coop warmer for those lower temperature nights.
And in a few weeks, I'll need to add on the roost/coop, until then , I've cleaned up an old ABS doghouse to use until I complete the enclosure and cut open the access-way.
In a few weeks, our 8 RIR chicks will be old enough to put into their new home.
Materials.. so far we've only had to purchase 100 ft roll of 1/2 hardware cloth and two boxes of 1/4 fender washers. I had extra 2x4s and 2x6s, and some 10 foot sheets of used roofing tin. ( It is nice to have extra items around for those "unexpected projects". )
. ( 03/29/2010 10:12AM )
(04/01/2010 Thurs) Added the door yesterday. And added some sand and topsoil to cover the floor bottom hardware cloth. Ran some power out to the coop to have both light and a chicken house heat lamp as seen in below picture. 8 Rhode Island Red (RIR) chicks added today. Still haven't bought anything more than before. Just making do with what I have as this picture shows :

(10/1/2010 10:20PM). our chicks have grown... a lot. They've been laying for month and half.
I left one rooster in the pen and turned the other two out to freerange. So far so good.
5 laying RIR hens with one Rooster in this pen.
a pic of Big Roo = freeranging the yard.

I'll update this page when I can or have new images to share...