LT and Cherry are the newest fluffy additions to my family, of Feathers the fat, orange, violent one and red 'n' speckled Eggie who skulks around like she's a thief.
This time, I think they are actually New Hampshire Red; Olivers Grain and Garden has not given us Red sex-links again like they did with Feh and Peh. I wonder how they'll compare as far as laying goes.
LT was named by me. 'LT' is actually short for 'LT 23 II', just don't tell her I named her after Adelaide Airport's ILS, because then both she and I will feel like the biggest geeks ever to hit the earth. Cherry... food-loving mother named her. Just like she named Eggie.
The little 'uns don't run like Fehpeh. But, holy clearance delivery, do they run! They just don't do it right away. It's like they need a few seconds to process what they're seeing, before they take flight and dash over, wings flapping along the way. Cherry likes to pick at LT's feathers. She's bigger and darker, like Eggie, and LT is orange and likes to fly onto my legs and peck my hair, like Feathers.
They lost their white fluff a lot faster. Maybe because it's winter? They're about 2 months old, and already covered with proper red feathers. Cherry's even started growing a comb, and I don't suspect LT will be too far behind.

The little Chirpies (or the ³µÆ¤ as they're affectionately known) are growing up fast!
They're huge now. They've lost their chirps and started clucking, although the combs have stopped growing after the initial enlargement. It's like little chicks clucking like hens.
LT is still very much that fiery little flying thing. They're getting good at flying and landing on ridiculous inclines, like my thigh when I'm half standing up. They're not paranoid like Feathers and Eggie are (this was due to the fact that we bought along a huge box to put Sheldy and Noodle the ducks in to take them to the river, and it scared the Kennedy Tower out of the chickens. They've been scared of anything that remotely resembles a box every since. Including umbrellas)
I have a new naming systems for the little Virgin pilots. (i.e. retard)
Feathers is VP 01, Eggie 02 (or Áãɵ as she's known) etc.

Aieee!!!! Since when could I write stuff that was so funny?
I'm about to start crying I'm laughing so hard... that's not good becasue I'm in a public library.
Anyway, all four of the Virgin pilots have their own airlines, just like I label my friends (I am Virgin 1155, Sherry's Emirates 419, Christine's Fed Ex 75 etc.)
I decided Feh was most definitely a Virgin, and i gave her 423, I was going to give Peh American Airlines because they never remember what runway they're on the approach to... but i decided to shorten that to Jetblue, and anyway my science teacher, Mr. G, is already American Airlines when he's not Professor G. (long story. Read my website.) LT = Qantas 541, Cherry = Jetstar 724. I was trying to think where I knew that from, and it suddenly occured to me. An entry on my calendar from a particularly amusing liveATC episode: "Qantas and Jetstar attempt to steal Virgin's Airline Award."
Anyhow, Lt and Cherry are laying now, and Cherry has a habit of pulling double-yolkers on us, the little Virgin. Feathers still lays occasionally, a tiny wrinkly egg pops out of those fat thighs, but Peh has stopped altogether.