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By luckyclucker · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. luckyclucker
    Eva&Winston, 2 mutts; 2 Great Pyr pups-Schmoo & Sparky; Jean-Claude Van Duck- mallard, Anne-muscovy, 3 sebostapols: Snarky, Squanto & Mr. Joshua; Yvette Roman Tufted, Suzi & Bridgette Buff Americans; Midget White Wikkus; Thelma & Louise Naragansette, Sniraga & Netti BB; Bernard & Druscilla PC; Becky, Ms. Squawkers, Nadine, Cordelia, Zaza, Jessica, Julia:G.C.s, Buffy, Henrietta,Fancy Buffs;Gidget&Chicken Little Silkies;Dottie SSH;Mimi BR;Charlotte&Emily RIR;Venetia ??; Daphne LH; Wilhelmina&amelia SLW

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