LuLu is my special chicken. She is a New Hampshire Red hatched March 28, 2009.
She was always the first one to hop/fly out of the brooder. (At 5 days old she was the only one to hop out.)

She decided that she couldn't sleep with all the others so she took to cuddling in my arm.

On this day, she wanted to nap with me but I needed to work. I sat her on computer and she slept while I worked.

LuLu visiting DH on his puter:

She likes to look at the pics on BYC

I told DH that LuLu doesn't think she is a chicken and wants to live inside with us.
He said that when he hears her say it, she can stay inside.
I'm trying to teach her to type...."I am not a chicken".
So far no luck, although she does walk on keys and change pages.
4 weeks old.....still no typing but is learning to read:

New trick:

She's now living in the coop but still comes inside to visit and check out the newbys in the brooder.
6 weeks old:

Fuzzy butt: