The Silkie Update! Flashback of week two-

Ebby, Flow, and Lunar taking a wee rest from all their peeping

Flow and Ebby (who is notorious for looking angry in all her pictures) are looking pretty cute together. The way I can tell them apart- Flow is much more calm and smaller than Ebby.

Flow appearing to reading the ingredients on the label. That is the Mason jar I use for their food dish. It happens to be the jar from the 'Bone Suckin' Sauce' (BBQ rib sauce) used in April whilst the family was visiting.
Attitude Update
So my chicks have quickly shown their true colors- they have some very strong personalities! Lunar (the black Silkie) is the most crazy, as well as curious, standing on the water dish most of the time and trying to peer out of the aquarium. Ebby (the larger of the white Silkies) is the loudest and seems to always be expressing something. Ebby is pretty funny, whatever the other chicks are doing Ebby has to come over, get in their way and join in. Flow is very laid back. S/he follows the other chicks around faithfully and always snuggles close. Flow also likes to be held the most, and will even walk up to my hand if I put in the aquarium. I think my fish might be feeling slightly left out though....