Growing up in south central Oklahoma I was raised partly in town and partly in the country. During the school year my sister and I were in town, but when school was out we went to my grandparentsfor the summer.
I used to hate the farm as I got older, I looked at it as a severe form of being made to dig in the dirt and tend to the animals, swearing that when I got grown I would never ever, ever do that stuff again.
Well here I am some 40 plus years later, digging in the dirt and tending to chickens, loving every minute of it.
When I look back at my childhood out on the farm i realise what all that we learned.
I can cook, clean, sew, grow enough garden to feed my family and someone elses, can raise animals and humanely process them. I learned the value of hard work and what it feels like to be able to work with my hands. To be creative and to love the outdoors.
The only thing that I would change now would be if I could quit my day job and spend my time doing the things that I really love. Chicken math would be my number one priority,as it seems I have not figured this out yet. ( the numbers just keep growing
I am married to a wonderful man, we have 6 children between us, all of them grown and on their own. More than a handful of grandkids an two great grandkids. Life does not get any better.