Okay okay, so maybe raising chickens, wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Excuse the pun " It's not all cracked up as it seems." It's been hard, horrible, exshausting, time consuming, etc, etc, etc but in the end you do get the reward Eggs.
Eggs, eggs, eggs. Which in itself is worth all of the hassle. Doing all the hardwork will seem even and you will kick yourself in the bottom because you complained about it. I remember taking care of the ones my folks had. Cleaning out the nest boxes and changing their hay. Gathering up the eggs even if they were sitting on them. I didn't mind it then but after awhile it started to suck. Now it's starting to get that way again.
I shouldn't complain but when you are the only one who is doing all the work then yeah you have the right to complain. Don't get me wrong I knew what I would be doing when I signed up when I got the chickens. I sometimes get help from my hubby. But it's funny because he doesn't know what he's doing since he's never been around chickens. So I have to teach him the way my folks taught me. Anyway its going to get a whole lot busier at De La Casa Riley. I've ordered 16 chickens extra to make up the difference with what I sent them. But then I remembered my friend needed chickens cause her dogs decided one day that they wanted chicken and got into the pen and ate a bunch of them.
So she's going to take as many as she wants. THANKGOODNESS> So Im not so stressed out anymore about these extra hens that I was going to get. Im feeling alot better getting all of this stress out. Still not convinced I should of went ahead and got the first bunch of chickens when I did. I should of just went to WalMart and gotten my daughter the dress instead.. love Sunshine