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By lyric · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. lyric
    Hello I am called Lyric.
    I happenstanced upn BYC while researching how to make a chicken coup for two chickens for an article I am writing for Demand Studios' eHow section. I am a freelance writer and niche blogger who has been fascinated with small farming/homesteading and pursuing a simpler lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Next to my dh (dear husband) I believe BYC to be a godsend for the journey I am embarking upon.
    Newly married my dh and I picked up a small piece of land and we are working to move to it this Fall. He was raised a country boy, but this is all new to me. I have much to learn so I read all that my eyes can see about homesteading. To be sure I will blog about the experience. We have decided to name our lil piece of paradise "Hip Hillbilly Farm". My step-daughter thought of the name and we all love it. It's cute, it's fun, and it certainly described him, he's a hip dude, LOL. I can't wait for all that he'll teach me in farming and all that we shall learn together to be a self-sustaining family the best that we can be.

    Now's the countdown to "go live" which means moving out on the land. Oh yeah.

    ETA: We're coming up on codes, rules, etc. which are making it difficult to move onto our own land. DH says he's not going to give up. I am thinking networking is in order to make this a go.


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