M & M Chickens
We originally started out with 12 birds - 2 roo's and 10 hens. A year and a half later, we have 27....but only one of the "Originals":

Meet Fernando!!!

Fernando now has a flock of 26 to protect...although as the days pass by, we are finding out there is some competition in there for him. Sadly, we will be taking some of the "babies" we have had since chicks off to market. It will leave us with about 3-4 roosters and 14-15 hens. Here are some pics of our flock:

This is Stanley

and this is Number Two

We call her "One"

One laid her first egg July 14th...and has laid one every day since! She and Number Two are brother and sister...hatched from the original flock we lost to a coyote. Although we were devastaed at their loss, we have enjoyed watching the new "family" grow up. We consider our birds educated - they all came from a local university's veterinary breeding program. They collect and incubate eggs for science purposes, and then donate them to local schools so the kids can watch them hatch out. After 2 weeks of "learning", the chicks need permanant homes.....and who can turn down a soft fluffy little chick?!!
We love our chicks, and look forward to years of fresh eggs!