Im 27 years old and I believe I may have finally found my calling in life, Farming. The funny thing is I havent actually farmed. I have been growing an organic garden for the last 4 years and I have raised chickens for the last 2 years. I have been selling my produce at The Choctaw Farmers Market and last year I started selling to some resturants. That was a big step and exciting to know that I was making a difference in how the community was eating. I have about 80 laying hens and a couple of roosters. I do sell my extra eggs but Ive also been hatching most of them, trying to grow my flock bigger. I have about 30 chicks right now and some eggs in the incubator. So far I have RIR's,Buff Orphingtons,Cochins,Ameraucanas,Red Sex Links, Modern Games and more. It is my dream to someday have a small self sufficient farm with some cows,goats,pigs,rabbits,and bees; growing my vegetables, making cheeses,soaps, and honey products, and caring for my precious animals. I would also love to build my own house and live off grid. I am big on water conservation, it is our most precious resource and should be treated like it could run out any day. Right now Im learning straw bail construction and other eco friendly building options. I would love to start a community garden and get as many people interested in growing as possible. My philosophy is " The more willing you are to give, the more you enable yourself to recieve" basically meaning if you have the opportunity to help someone without expecting anything in return the more likely you are to get the help you need when the time comes. TRUST ME. My point is get out there and offer yourself to your neighbor or someone that you know needs help with something and see what doors will open to you. Youll be amazed.