Simple Pleasures

Growig up I spent alot of my time on my grandparents farm. The most cherished memeory I have is waking up in the morning with the sun peaking through the blinds and hearing the Rooster's Crow. My husband & I built our home on my grandparents farm land and have 2 children. I wanted them to experience & value some of the simple pleasures in life such as running to the garden to grab a tomato or some sweet peas, to snatch an egg or two from the coop and of course....Wake to the Rooster's Crow!
We got our little flock when they were only a few days old. The kids enjoy them and they are a great social topic for family & friends when they stop by. Our flock consists of 3Buff Orppingtons, 4 Isa Browns, 3 Black Somethings ( I forgot) and 2 Bantams with one being the Roo. They've become a huge part of our family and provide us endlessly with entertainment & simple pleasure.

My family enjoying some simple pleasure!