Macclesfield Poultry Palace

By ArnucaChooks · Jan 2, 2013 · ·
  1. ArnucaChooks
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    What started out with my wife loving silkies and the joy they bring our love for the feathered friends has grown. Yes i know have my own girls (working girls) and my wife has her show girls.
    Thus the poultry palace was need to house the new girls.

    A site was picked on the farm

    and i laid out the posts and check if the size was going to be ample for the 15 girls ( 5 isa browns 5 silver laced wyandottes and 5 australorps).

    At work we had alot of create lids that were going to be thrown out so i bought the trailor in and took 16 lids home which were going to become the roof and walls.
    All timber materials used were recycled.


    using the 8ft x 4ft lids made light work on construction and for a person not use to swinging a hammer it was good.

    as you can see by the photo the girls have a large area to play and a large window.

    [​IMG] Frames were made where i tacked down the wire and the hung the frames individually including the roof which is in 4 squares
    [​IMG] 4 doors at the back of the coop were made so i had easy access to the nesting boxs and allow for good ventilation during summer
    [​IMG] Now that all the doors are working the next step was fox proofing the coop. chicken wire was run all the way around the coop as in pic below pegged down then covered in dirt.

    as seen in this pic the isa browns are checking out there new home.
    Next step is to tin the roof and fit guttering and water tank and tin the sides to finish it off.
    I'm in the process of finding second hand tin so i can complete the job for the working girls.

    To be continued .....[​IMG]

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    "Really good job"
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    Easy up shipping container walls! I like this. Good job.
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    "Looks good"
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    Nice coop. I'd like to see the update.


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  1. ArnucaChooks
    Thanks King :)
  2. KingR0o5t3r
    This looks awesome :) Set for some happy hens.

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