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  1. micah wotring
    Many of you have doubtless seen pictures of Macgyver. He was not only my very first avatar but also a very handsome rooster.
    At one point I had all hens and had recently gotten a hovabator. Now, most(if not all) of you chicken folks out there know that it can be difficult, dare I say it, impossible to hatch a non fertile chicken egg. The solution? A rooster. So, I put a wanted ad on the door of the local feed store and next thing you know I got myself a free rooster! I now know that he was a golden duckwing OE bantam. He was a beautiful bird!

    So, why the name Macgyver?
    Long blond 'hair'
    Ladies loved 'm
    Never got caught...for long

    Seeing a connection?

    So, anyway, I was soon given several chickens including some more bantam roosters, an ISA brown (I think) rooster, and some bantam hens.

    After seeing Macgyver and the new red rooster I quickly named the ISA Murdoc. (Macgyver's worst enemy in the series)


    One morning I woke up and Murdoc had killed Macgyver! They had been living piecefully for over a month until that day. I decided to name one of the other bantam roosters Macgyver the second.



    Soon after that I sold like...pretty much everybody! I now had no Macgyver OR Murdoc. So, I named the black Cochin Bantam pair that I had after them.

    Macgyver the third and Penny(Macgyver's friend in the series).

    I eventually decided that I was not going to use Macgyver the third in my breeding plans so he went to the pot.

    I now have Penny. A black cochin bantam.
    I might continue the reign of Macgyver but for now Penny is the last of the Macgyver gang.



    ((P.S. Here's some links to my blog and youtube channel:))

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  1. micah wotring
    Thanks! Yeah, I saw the POW comment and I assumed it was one of Macgyver coz he's super pretty but it was those two funky roosters. XD
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  2. vachick15
    I'm sorry you lost Macgyver! Congratulations on POW, though!
  3. micah wotring
    I would just type out three 'thank you's but that would be weird. lol
    Thank you!
  4. RodNTN
    Lovely pics Micah! I am really sorry you lost him :( Congrats on POW!
  5. micah wotring
    Thank you SOOOOO much @sumi ! :)
  6. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  7. micah wotring
  8. TroyerGal
    This was great!! I love your writing style... Makes me laugh EVERY time!!!!!!
  9. micah wotring
  10. Bills vs Beaks
    Murdoc got him?????? NOOOOOOOOO......

    Yeah, no Deborahs. She was only in two episodes, but she was mean...
  11. micah wotring
    @PeepersMama Hahaha, exactly!
    XD I don't remember that episode...I think I might name one Jack though! We'll see...
  12. micah wotring
    Thank you Mustang Rooster!
  13. PeepersMama
    *gasp* Wow..... since when does Murdoc kill (or come close to killing) Macgyver?!? *thud*
    HE WAS SUCH A PRETTY CHICKEN!!!! B> I love gold duckwings.
    BTW way to go naming a chicken Penny for Macgyver XD Just don't name one.... oh shoot what was her name...... Deborah. Yeah. She got closer to killing him than Murdoc ever did.
  14. mustangrooster
    So sorry you lost him!! He was a beautiful bird.

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