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By magicpigeon · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Who/What is she?
    Someone with WAAAY too much time on her hands ;)
    The official stalker of Forrest_Flock and the recipient of !! BYC's longest Hair Award


    Q: Why do you spell 'colour' with a 'u'?
    A: I'm Austraelian. ;)

    Q: You're really a stalker? :S
    A: No. I just have really, warped sense of humour...really

    Q: Why 'magic pigeon' not 'magic chicken'?
    A: Have been a pigeon breeder much longer than a chicken breeder. Of course now most of the flock have been given away or sold. I'm planning on concentrating more on quails now so watch this space... :p

    Q: Do you have a life?
    A: No.

    Stalk me at the following sites:

    And I would give you my blog but it's definetely NSFW due to my foul mouth and mind-in-the-gutter, among other things.

    More about my flock:
    As of now we are downsizing the flock due to some crazy rule that we are only leagally allowed 12 in our very, urban area. So here's the list (in no particular order):
    2 x African Ringneck doves
    3 x Various pigeons
    1 x Light Sussex
    1 x Speckled Sussex
    1 x Black Australorp
    2 x Blue Ameraucana
    1 x Lavender Araucana
    1 x Partridge silkie
    1 x Black silkie
    2 x White silkie
    4 x Japanese Quail
    3 x Barter Blacks (RIR X BA)
    1 x RIR
    There may be some more various pics on my photobucket but you'd have to be willing to surf through all the other random to get to it LOL!
    Usually I'd put some pics up of the flock but that will take ages! I'm gonna put some pics up soon though lol. All due thanks to Chiko for reminding me too :D

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