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  1. spotsplus
    This is a multi-sectioned coop that I designed and built myself :)
    I made the mane coop 8 x 8 with a attached smaller coop that is 5 x 8 with a pop door in between. On the outside of the coop is a wire hooked to the pop door so I can open and close it without going inside. In the main coop I used real trees as perches and put a nest box in with shavings. First I put the base in of bricks and 2x6 and filled in with stonedust. Wood frame that I stained after.

    Decoration I made to in the form of cut outs of chickens. The doors I also put some decoration on by cutting out silouettes of chickens. The lean to attached to the side has a wood floor and houses my horse tack, our generator and a 4 x 4 henhouse with a pop door accessing the smaller coop. The door, like the main coop has a wire from the outside to open and close. The henhouse has two perches inside, a side door as well as the pop door and opens from the top. I also have a 4" x 10" vent to the inside for ventelation. I have a shed attached to the lean to (or the other way around!) that I keep the hay for my horses in.
    When facing the main coop I am in process of finishing another section to the left to match the right. It will be an enclosed henhouse/shed with lots of room inside for the chickens to come in but also have room for storage of chicken feed or a place for a mom and chicks. Photos of that when it's done! :) Tammie

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