Blue Clover Bunnies


These are the start of my little patchwork farm. Along with my wonderful husband Kevin, my 10 year old Colin, and my 3 year old son Rowan we are starting out on our own little back yard adventure.


Cuckoo Marans Barbie 3 years old, Annalisse and Belle as babies, Thor our herd buck.

Our first eggs! Chloe's Freedom, Colin with Barbie

Latest News:


March 3 - New Silkies, Cochins and Cornish cross arrived! Picked up our new Boer Buck Trip!
March 14-15 Got our first Quail and new Guinea keets!

Happy Spring everyone!

Upcoming events:

March 17 - Our first Geese are coming in!
March 19 - Californian bunnies are due!

Available babies:

We are expecting baby bunnies on March 19!


No baby goats available right now.

Check back for upcoming breedings and available babies.