Maine Chicken Swaps/ Stocks And Shows 2013

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  1. hoppy
    new page for 2014 is here

    This page is where we will have the current swaps listed and I will try to keep that updated. We usually also have a separate thread for each swap that lists who is bringing what and who is looking for a special something at a particular swap. PM me with any updates, new swap listings, or links to swap pages and I will post them.
    All animals offered for sale/trade whether or not any money changes hands, should be healthy and in good condition. Sick or diseased animals have no place at the swap, and if you have sick animals at home, please stay home to avoid spreading any commutable disease. Many can be carried on your clothing or shoes. The owner/seller is responsible for all sales and to be sure they are following Maine state law. If you have questions, you can send me a private message or call the AG or Food dept for current rules concerning what items you are offering for sale.
    The state does send representatives to the swaps and they may or may identify themselves as a state employee. If you are not proud of what you are selling, you probably should not be bringing it to a swap. See bottom of post for the swap rules and be aware some swaps have different rules, so these are the general rules for the maine swaps as outlined by the state and general store policy.

    Update: the word from the state is they are discussing whether or not to require that anyone selling poultry at these swaps to be NPIP tested. They may be doing random testing at the swaps for pullorium and AI--change, just random testing for AI at this point. There is talk of the 90 day permit where the birds you are showing are tested vs the farm test they are currently trying to implement which would be good for 1 yr.



    Oct 12th Saturday Waterville TSC Farm swap 9-2 (pending weather)
    located on 10 Kennedy Memorial Dr Waterville, ME 04901 (207) 877-7775

    **rain date is sunday**

    Oct 12th Saturday Lewiston TSC Farm Swap/ Farmers market 9-2 (last of the season, call store to confirm)

    location: 1619 Lisbon St, Lewiston, ME (207)795-8828

    Oct 12th Saturday Sanford TSC Farm swap 9-2
    located on 1770 Main St, Sanford, ME (207) 490-0034 (last swap of the season- call store to confirm)

    Oct 13th Sunday Wilton TSC Farm swap/ farmers market 9-1
    located on U.S. 2 Farmington, ME 04294 (207)778-5900

    Oct 18th Saturday Oxford TSC Farm swap 9-2 (last of the season- call store to confirm)

    located at 1272 Main St Oxford, ME

    Oct 26th Saturday Augusta TSC Farm Days/ chicken swap 8:30-1 (pending weather)

    location: 420 Civic Center Dr Augusta, ME 04330 (207) 621-2800


    Maine State Laws governing the sale of poultry/waterfowl & goats

    Maine State Law:


    5A.All sheep & goats (no matter the age or whether castrated or not) must be tagged if they are up for sale at any event. All sheep/goat being sold from a farm need to have a tag, whether being sold in state or out of state. Castrated sheep/goat must also be tagged. The farmer is required to keep records for 5 years. A small yellow book is usually provided with the tag shipment for recording of the tag number, date sold, etc.

    5B. Poultry (ducks, chicks, turkeys etc) have to be sold in lots of 6 from one seller if they are under 8 weeks old. After 8 weeks of age, they can go one at a time. Now, from your house or farm you can sell single birds of any age.


    Rule Chapters for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
    01 001 Agriculture General

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  1. hoppy
    Joanie, deadline for the show is postmarked by May 20th.
  2. hoppy
    It was reported to me that the MPG is closing. there will be no more swap held at this location.
  3. hoppy
    the augusta swap is always the 4th saturday and the last saturday of the month. last year due to having so many 5 saturday months, there were extras. there are swaps now in waterville on the 2nd saturday, that's pretty close to augusta.
  4. chicketychickchick
    Hey mixed flock, You should get with ashandvine and organize a Brunswick swap.
  5. chicketychickchick
    Not many Augusta swaps this season. :-(
  6. hoppy
    Joanie- generally its less then 2 weeks prior to the show.
  7. joanie_maine
    What is the deadline (postmark) for the May 26 CMBF Show entries??
  8. JenEric Farms
    Is Oxford doing any swap/farm days this year?
  9. henney penny
    MPG in Houlton will have swaps on the following dates--May 4th--June 1st--Sep 21st.Times are 8-12.If you bring or buy something your name will be entered for a free bag of feed drawn every hour.Anyone can bring livestock,crafts or homemade items.
  10. henney penny
    Tractor Supply in Presque Isle will have the first swap May 18th and there after every 1st and 3rd Sat.of the month till Labor Day.Hours are 9-2. We encourage you to bring what ever you have for livestock,chickens,hatching eggs,ducks,goats.sheep,etc, as well as homemade items,canned goods.wood products like bird houses etc..
  11. hoppy
    Unless someone knows of a swap in Brunswick, I have not heard of one yet. If you do hear of one, let me know and I will post it.
  12. mixed flock
    Is there not a swap schedule for brunswick???
  13. hoppy
    McKenney, please click on the link to those swaps. you probably will get a better response. it is where people will be posting what they are bringing for sale and what they are looking to buy.
  14. hoppy
    You do not need to be a member to show. You just need to be sure your birds meet the standard if you want to have a chance to win. other then that, they should be clean, healthy and in good feather condition. trim nails if needed, file the beak if needed. make sure to send in your entry with your Npip paperwork and you should be good to go.
  15. wife2abirdman
    Do I have to join Central Maine Bird Fanciers in order to take a bird to the show in May? Other than getting NPIP cert. and bathing the birds what do I have to do to enter in the show?
  16. mckenney
    Will anyone have black marans or black copper marans at the Augusta or Waterville swaps?
  17. Clover Run
    I have finalized details for Wilton TSC - 1st and 3rd Saturdays starting in April - it is a combination Farmer's Market/Swap
  18. Wee Acre Farm
    Okay I have the dates for the Lewiston TSC swaps, They will be held the second Sat of each month. These will start April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, and September 14. The swaps will run from 9am to 2 pm rain or shine. We will also be doing a farmers market also.
  19. cowboy04901
    Waterville TSC will be starting it's swaps up again on the second Saturday of the month, same as last year. The first one will be April 13th from 9-2. Last year there were a few growing pains with this location being a new one, but near the end of the season things were really picking up for both sellers and buyers, this year should be a good one.
  20. hoppy
    Great Polly, just let me know
  21. jerseychix
    Awesome! Can't wait!
  22. PollyC
    I am working now on setting up the Lewiston TSC swaps and will pm when I get the dates

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