Mallard duckling

By Spyderk117 · Jun 30, 2016 · Updated Jun 30, 2016 · ·
  1. Spyderk117
    This is my mallard duck Pippin has a duckling at 2 weeks old.
    Here he is now at 14 weeks old molting his juvenile feathers!

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  1. Spyderk117
    Thank you!
  2. N F C
    Pippen certainly is a photogenic bird...thanks for sharing his picture and congrats on POW!
  3. Spyderk117
    Thank you RezChamp!
  4. RezChamp
    Iconic pic. Congrats on POW
  5. Whittni
  6. Spyderk117
    Thank you NathenZee!
  7. NathanZee
    Congratulations! I knew that picture would be a winner!
  8. Spyderk117
    Thank you everyone![​IMG]
  9. DwayneNLiz
    those are some great pictures!! Cute Bird!
  10. Wyorp Rock
    What a cutie!
    He's going to be quite handsome :)
  11. BantyChooks
    Congrats on POW!

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