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    4/20/12 This is the first flock for us. After about 6 years of learning about and honestly asking myself if that was something I wanted to take on, the answer is yes! I also have an almost 3 year old lil munchin and as I really want her to be connected to where her food comes from, raising chickens was a natural next step! Purchased 4/14/12

    So without further ado...

    we have 5 baby chicks. As of now, they are mostly named!

    chick #1: Welsummer, born 4/4, name: Starla (Stellastar) she is the alpha bird in our flock, which was a natural arrangement since she is older than all the chicks by about a week. She was born in Missouri at an organic hatchery and I purchased her from Naomi's Organic Farm Supply. And I hope all goes well because after having all the chicks for only a week, she and I have definitely bonded. I think this sweet brown beauty will be my special friend. After about 2 days, she started to settle into my hand and either sleep or coo to me when I hold her. She is a gentle but assertive leader and quite smart! Much more personality shining through than the ameruancanas so far. lol.

    chick #2: Barred Rock (Plymouth) I picked her for her eggs too. She was born approximately, 4/7/12. Maia has been calling her MingMing 2. I secretly call her Swiper because Starla is the most successful at catching the wormy treats I bring them but 'swiper' is even faster at running up and swiping whatever she has. She's also really funny because from day one, she has this ability to triple her speed by low flying across the coop. lol how fun that must be!!! I love her too bc she is all black so far but has the cutest little white bum patch! I must get a picture.

    chick#3 Ameruancana, born 4/11/12 She was the first named because as in my ignorance, I put little dandylion flowers for ambiance, she kept falling asleep with her face in them the first day! Naming her Daisy Mae was a no brainer, it is also an attempt at not naming a future daughter Daisy as it is a name I really love. I was told that she was a wheaton. I was very specific about wanting one but so far she's looking quite brown. I do love the freckles on her lil head though!

    so that saturday afternoon after I got the inital 3 settled in, I immediately felt that it wasn't enough and it was better to do it all at once than add littles to the 3 already established later so I ran out just before the urban farm store closed and got two more!

    chick #4: Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauen! Born 4/13/12 I asked for one that looked to be more splash and I think she is. Can't remember if she was bearded or crested though and she is so much smaller than all the others! I am wondering if she is a bantam. I love her though. I call her Lil Peep because she just will not stop peeping! She is the #2 forager in the bunch (which secretly make her #1 if you add in age difference) and so speedy, she cracks me up. Been having a bit of a problem with bum plugs the last two days so I am watching her closely. I was afraid it was bc I was giving them bugs too soon but it's the dandylioin leaves that are probably doing it. Those are off the menu now until further notice.

    chick#5: Amerauncana: born 4/11/12. Buff. Name: MingMing per Maia! I wanted a buff orpington as our neighbor has one and I love how poofy she is! but got talked into a buff ameruancana and being that I want beautiful, poofy and unusual birds that also lay a rainbow of eggs, it wasn't a hard sell! lol so far though, I must admit, so far, I find this breed a bit delayed in figuring out how to forage and a little aloof, for lack of a better word. but, we are all just getting started so we shall see!

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  1. Sunnysimplelife
    Same here. We are new owners too and I love that my three year old will grow up with a big veggie garden and chickens for eggs even in the city outside of L.A.

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