Hi, I am a mama to many. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 12 guineas, 25 chickens and 1 roo. Oh and a very patient husband, who is also very handy.

Well there has been a change in my head count.....
I now have 3 roos, 17 ladies, 10 guineas, 12 bcm eggs in the incubator with 15 mixed from my own flock and 25 baby girl chickies coming from MPC the week of September 7th. Whoo hoooo! Thought I was in big trouble when I ordered those bcm eggies without hubbies ok. But oh no, he too has been bitten by the bug. The building bug for him it is.......and said well just order some more babies to go with the eggies and have them all here at about the same time. Just do it big and be done for the fall!!!!!!
We are counting down the days until our new babies arrive and hubby is building the largest brooder yet!!!! I have a 3x5 already, now he wants to do an 8 foot one!!!! Just think of all the chickies that I can fit in that one! There is also some discussion of enlarging the big coop!!!!! I'm so excited I could bust! Just a little worried about this raising babies over the winter thing. Never done that, always got babies in the spring so we will see. Lots of help from fellow BYCers I'm sure all will be well.