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    Our "brood"
    Darling child #1,El mandón, 10 years old. He is my right hand man, smart, helpful, courteous, sympathetic, creative, athletic, and also...(a curse of the firstborn, something I understand well and suffer from myself).....bossy.
    Darling child #2,El panadero, 6 years old. He is meek, clever, tender, a quick learner, and a little crafty. His almost-favorite thing to eat is bread, even though he does not bake it yet.

    Darling Child #3,La cotorra, 5 years old. The only girl of the bunch. She is gregarious, cheerful, affectionate, effusive, coordinated, agile, and sometimes imperious. Her nickname fits her well.

    Darling Child #4,El muñeco, 4 years old. He is warm, loving, cooperative, independent, considerate, and puckish. He was given this nickname by his uncle and aunt when he was just a baby because he was "un bebé tan bonito" We learned about being gluten-free for this one.

    Darling Child #5,El perico (el periquito),
    He is happy, alert, strong, contented, lively, sociable, very talkative, and cuter than cute. This nickname fits well too, although I think he could also be called the "twin," because he looks just like his youngest brother did when said brother was a baby. (I will post some pictures another time to prove it.) He is a dairy-free and gluten-free babe (Except when I cheat of course. The dairy is hard to give up!)

    Our (my!) current projects:
    foster dog, vermiculture, compost bin, chickens, mealworm farm, cricket farm, organizing our house, crockpotting, healthy-self-sufficient living....

    Future projects:
    building a chicken coop and run,building an indoor aviary for finches, repotting my fruit trees, getting some raised beds going, creating an ant farm, starting a lemon grass patch....

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