I'm a city farmer (scrap-coop), do-it-yourselfer (without instructions), organic grower (if it"ll grow itself), and single working Mum raising an American Ninja Warrior (aged 3 and climbing).
I adopted my first 5 assorted chicks in April '11 from a local farm.
One,"Sweetpea", not yet 2 weeks old, was taken by outside cat-devil (RIP), her busom companion, "Rio", moved to a hospice farm 5 months later after living a happy patio-chicken-in-a-sling life due to same said cat-devil encounter. Two little fluffs grew saddle feathers and crows: "Sir Rockadoodle" ("Maggot" to his friends) is currently employed in a far away farm after his reputation as a fierce defender of the maidenherd beckoned pleas of assistance from a distressed young flock mother. "Sue" inherited the throne and reigns noisily with her sole-mate "Layla".
The months spent with this small diminishing flock made me set on providing bountiful companionship for my gorgeous couple. Days and nights were spent creating a Florida friendly brooder. Layla clucked her approval and laid her first egg on September 10th

and lo, 8 eggs later on the 20th...
29 three-day-old assorted ladies eagerly awaited their new Southern accomodations. The postal worker called incredulously to bid the tidings of their arrival. "Can you hear them in the background?" They were all alive and healthy and fluffy little puffs of color and individuality. Already the personalities are evident.
Pics and bios to come...