Our chicken adventure started Spring of 2010. We got a batch of "Pan Fry Specials" from the local farm store. After 3-4 months of growing them out we finally got to butcher weight. We wanted to free range our birds but predator numbers prohibit that. Our solution for this was the chicken tractor. We built a small frame for the coop part and covered it with tin. The entire back side is a large door that opens to the side. This allows for easy access to the coop. We also came back and added tin across the entire top of the pen for predator protection and shade. This coop is 80% recycled materials.

The front of the coop has a section on top that is open and covered with chicken wire. This allows for excellent air flow. There is also a roosting board that runs across at about that height so they can sit in the breeze or see out into the pen.

Later as we added our layers to this set up we added nesting boxes. We screwed two milk crates to the wall. I lined the bottom of the crates with a wire screen cut to fit. Then I screwed a kick board in front of the boxes. Finally, I filled them with fresh bedding. As you can see in the picture there is enough clearance for the food bin to be under the boxes. The wire screen in the boxes prevents bedding and poop from falling through and getting in the food.

We currently have 1 Easter Egg hen, 1 Cinnamon Queen hen, 2 black sex linked pullets, 1 Easter Egger Roo, 1 Khaki Polish Roo and 1 Black Cooper Maran Roo. :)