After raising a brood of 6 children, 2 golden retrivers, a multitude of cats, and fish we are empty nesters.
We live in the city but have a large private lot and decided to fill our "nest" with chickens. Our friends keep
us why?????, but so far they have been the easiest "pet" we have had, PLUS they'll give us eggs.......Bonus!!!!!!!
Thanks to all of you and your insights, we "new eggs" have "eggcelled"
Here are pictures of our coop. Phase 1
ChickenCoop001-1.jpg ChickenCoop004.jpg ChickenCoop005.jpg
ChickenCoop006.jpg ChickenCoop007.jpg ChickenCoop008.jpg

ChickenCoop009.jpg ChickenCoop011.jpg ChickenCoop012.jpg
ChickenCoop013.jpg ChickenCoop014.jpg

ChickenCoop015.jpg ChickenCoop016.jpg ChickenCoop017.jpg

ChickenCoop021.jpg ChickenCoop022.jpg ChickenCoop023.jpg
ChickenCoop024.jpg ChickenCoop025.jpg ChickenCoop026.jpg