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Mamataneys Page

By MamaTaney · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. MamaTaney
    I'm Carrie, aka Mama Taney. I live with my husband and two young sons in a 115+ year old home called 'The Blue Nymph' in Salem, Va. We practice urban homesteading and along with two dogs, two guinea pigs, and lots of fish we have a backyard flock of 6 young hens. Our current flock consists of LadyBird, a Buff Orpington; Ann Bancroft, a Dark Brahmas; two Partridge Cochins, both named Patti; an Ameraucana named Easter and one named Bunny.

    The above photo is of LadyBird, our Buff Orpington. Taken Sept. '08.

    You can see more photos of our gals, the Blue Nymph Biddies, on my flickr site: http://flickr.com/photos/funkymamataney/

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