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By pacorona · Sep 5, 2015 · ·
  1. pacorona
    I am new to this site, having recently acquired 4 tiny chicks which are now 2 months old. Got my first tiny little coop for my birthday from my daughter - of course,
    the four chicks rapidly grew and I knew they wouldn't be comfy in it !! Saw an
    article about using an old swing set frame to build a coop and got Hubby on it
    quickly! Now I have a wonderfully spacious coop with the tiny coop attached for
    the ladies' comfort and safety! Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions - As a newbie, I have depended on you!
    Looking forward to eggs in another 3-4 months!!
    Pat Corona

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  1. pacorona
    That's so funny!! Grandkids are looking to add bantam hens and parakeets!! Neither are welcome as yet - sorry kids!!
  2. chickenneighbor
    Welcome to BYC! Beware -larger coops always lead to the "chicken math" problem!

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