The Glover Farm


Hello Everyone!! I am Mamma Bear Glover. A little over 4 years ago, I was injured at work, and after being off work for 3 months with torn erector muscles in my back, the doctor said that I was going to have problems with my back for the rest of my life and if I didn't stop the heavy work I was going to be off work more than on. That was it for me. I did what I have wanted to do all my life, I started a little farm. I bought some pigs, a few goats and the obsession hasn't stopped.

I have always had or worked with animals, and my husband and I were pretty successful at Jack Russell Racing. Dog training came easy for me, and we ran with it for several years. I have worked on horse farms, and I absolutely adore horses, but since you can't eat them or make money on them, well, no sense in owning one. But I love them just the same. Doesn't every little girl? I guess I never out grew them.

We added rabbits to the farm and after a year of cleaning rabbit cages and the smell I sold all but my favorites. Those 3 were turned loose to run the farm as they choose. You know what? Those little suckers breed like rabbits! In the evenings when we do the feeding, the rabbits are fed as well. We have counted as many as 33 at one time.

A few months ago, we bought 12 hens. Tractor Supply called them Tetras, but the breed didn't really matter. They are supposed to be good egg layers and meaty, just what we were looking for. One little guy was crushed in the brooder. Down to 11 hens. About 2 month later I found a lady that was giving away her chickens cause they kept getting out and going to the neighbors. She gave us 9 chickens, 8 hens and a rooster. Charlie is a beautiful rooster and I believe the ones that she gave away were Leghorns. I have a picture of Charlie as my Avitar. He started crowing last week and it is a wonderful sound. 20 chickens total. All of the chickens are about 3 months old, (I will have to check the calendar for the exact date). We are still waiting for our first egg.

The chickens are fitting right in on the farm. They have taken it on themselves to clean up after the pigs. Our smaller pigs have 2 pens connected by the pig shed. One side is smaller, has their feed and water, the other side is an acre for them to play, root, eat grass and leaves and be lazy pigs. The chickens jump up onto the rail of the small side at feeding time and jump down onto the backs of the pigs then down to the floor. They eat all of the spilled feed!! Which is perfect cause the rodents won't have anything to eat. The pigs couldn't care less if the chickens are there or not. That pig feed bucket gets pretty heavy when I am carrying it though. By the time I get to the pig feeders, there is usually at least two chickens along for the ride.

to be continued...