Mandee's Girls

By mlongworth · Apr 22, 2013 · Updated Apr 22, 2013 ·
  1. mlongworth
    Ok I can't put pics on with my nook yet I'll get them up when I can.

    Plymouth Rock is my breed.

    I have 2- One year old hatchery Barred Rocks Suzy and Abby

    I also have 2- One year old New Hampshires Ruby and Lucy

    I recently bought hatching eggs from tigercreek and did my first incubation. I hatched 1 barred egg, 1 Easter Egger egg, and 6 blue, black, splash rock eggs. They are 4 weeks old and i believe I have 4 pullets- 1 blue, 1 black, 1 splash, and 1 barred. And i believe 4 roos- 2 blue, and 2 splash. Not sure who hatched from the blue ee egg.

    The new girls are( hopefully i got it right)

    Black rock is Mamie

    Splash rock is Maggie

    Blue rock is Evie

    Barred rock is Gracie

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