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By manybirds · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. manybirds
    Show rabbits(English spots, Dwarf hotot's, Himalayan's, and Flemish giants-and now a english angora!), chickens (Sumatra's, silkie's and assorted layers), guineas (Pearle grey and French), turkeys (Royal palm cross and lavender cross), horses(Quarter horse and Arabian), dairy goats (2 Lamancha/Alpine and a Nubian, 2 boer dairy), pigeons (Indian fantail, damacian and american fantail), ducks (Muscovy, Runners and Rouens), geese (TSQ giant dewlap buff africans-Canada and pilgrims), dogs (Border collie and Jack russel), cats(...just cats....), guinea pigs (Abasinian and American), a (cough~registered~cough) hampshire ewe sheep, fish and a gerbil!!!!

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