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Marans Black Copper Marans

By sgivens · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. sgivens

    Black Copper Marans Created by sgivens
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    The Marans was developed in France in the mid 1800's in the town for which they are named. They made their way to England in the early 1900's, and quickly became Very Popular for their Very Dark Brown CHOCOLATE color eggs. Black Copper Marans make for an exceptional eating gourmet egg and are highly prized by chiefs around the world. This is a trait they are still know for today. These beautiful birds were first exhibited in 1929 in Paris by the Poultry Breeders Society of France. Since then they have made themselves popular in various countries around the world.





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  1. NC Colored Eggs
    Looking for very dark hatching eggs, do you have any recommendations?
  2. amberflea
    I also have a dozen copper marans in the incubator along with 4 Penedesenca eggs!
  3. BostonBryce
    They grow so fast!, my 6 week old chicks are huge!
  4. StandardLover
    We just recieved ours from the Bev Davis lines. In the incubator now, very excited for them to hatch!

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