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By littlecreekfarm · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. littlecreekfarm

    Cuckoo Created by littlecreekfarm
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Cuckoo Marans are layers of Dark Brown or speckled eggs. They lay well about 5-7 eggs a week. All but one of my marans went broody, they are good broodies and attentive mothers. Your marans may lay lighter or speckled eggs when she first starts laying, but will work up to the beautiful chocolate brown eggs! They do not show well often will have wrong leg color, folded combs, and not right cuckoo pattern. But they are very friendly and love to free-range. Overall Marans are a good layer,and friendly.





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    7 msn​
    This is one of my Cuckoo Marans hens.​

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  1. kian
    I have 4 Cuckoo Marans, 18 weeks old. Unfortunately we ended up with two cockerals (I wouldn't mind but we aren't allowed to have them). :( No laying as yet. My pullets are great at running the dogs off! Totally cracks me up: one especially has zero fear, she's chased off my Great Pyrenees!
  2. whitetiger21897
    At what age dose the cuckoo Marans stop laying eggs , we have 7 hens and one roster thats just had their third laying season and I'm now getting only one to two eggs a day
  3. DNA Ranch
    At what age do they start laying eggs? Ours are about 5 months and they started sitting in their boxes, but no eggs thus far.
  4. TwistOfFate
    I'm getting six of these beauties soon!
  5. sissyjo
    The Cuckoo is very easy to sex at a young age. The cockerels/rooster will be much lighter like the barred rock vs. the pullets/hens that are darker as in the picture
  6. TheMacDonalds
    We just got 5 of these! not sure the genders though, they are one month old
  7. Spellbound
    Hi there, could you possibly take a look at my hens on the fourm chicken breeds - what breed or gender is this? Regarding 3 hens i have just bought and whether they are cuckoo marans or not and give me some advice please??
  8. mates5
    We just got 3 hens at auction and are learning about chickens. Very sweet...just waiting to see those beautiful eggs we keep hearing about! Thanks for helping to educate me.

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