Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. I'm a small-scale backyard chickeneer in Boise, Idaho. According to city code, we're allowed three hens within city limits, no roosters (sorry, guys). We began this chicken-keeping adventure in May 2010 with a few chicks from our local CSA farm.
At right is what our coop looks like, thanks to the spectacular efforts of my husband and a few decorative touches by yours truly. (I just had a ball with those stencils I found on Ebay, maybe you can tell.) The coop is just the right size for three birds, and as you can see -- by the open door -- we let them roam our modest backyard most of the day anyway.
We started with three little chicks in May. Nothing fancy: a Black and a Golden Sex Link, along with a Silver Laced Wyandotte. We call them the "Marathon Chickens," since we got them shortly after I ran the Big Sur marathon and we named them accordingly: Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur.
Of course the Sex Links were a safe bet for hens, but wouldn't you know it, the Wyandotte turned rooster on us. And it took us until the first crow to figure it out, eek!
So here's the original trio we began with:

Soon after the first crow, we realized Mr. Roo was going to have to ship out to a new home (he made it!) and we'd have to find a new girl (emphasis on GIRL) to replace him. So here she is, a little scraggly but we think she'll be just as pretty as the others with a little TLC. We didn't have any more marathon names left, so she's going by Tobiko.