MR Hart Farm

[FONT=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]East Central Illinois[/FONT]​

Me and My Husband: don't mind him he never smiles :) Here is the 10 acres we purchased in 2006, all structures were all torn down, they were bad. We live 1/4 mile away at a little house "in town". "town" is just as rural just more neighbors. Here is my table top incubator, just made myself a temp. egg. 10 eggs ready to hatch, this is my second batch for the year.

[FONT=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Chickens in 2006[/FONT]

Molly, a 9 year old Turken hen given to me by a friend in Missouri. This chicken was quite the gal. If there was a sparrow eating next her, she would peck their head and kill them. She was also a great mouser!!!This is how I like my traffic jams!!! These girls are loving their new coop.This is my Amish neighbors hen and chicks, we raised them. My friends didn't have any luck keeping the chicks alive, but we only lost two!Ahhhh dustbath!! But wait, that was by bush burn pile. Not anymore!!!!

*Why Ducks?!?!?!* That's what my husband said after I purchased these two cayuga ducklings. Now I don't think my husband will ever go without ducks!

Here is the ducks older, just able to sex. One drake and one Hen. They were so fun, they loved to 'nibble' on my husband. He was mommy!!

Ok ready to laugh????? The ducks liked small pools of water, but it came to a half acre pond, OH NO they weren't going in. So how do teach a duck to swim??? Later we got some pond ducks they found that they loved to swim!!

Chickens May 2010
Turken Rooster--He is the cock of the rock.

Ameraucana rooster--he sneaks around and gets the jobs done!

Lost last bantem rooster to old age, had leftover hens, so when an Amish friend had me take his extras to sale, I bought the rooster and the hen even before he was consigned. That rooster doesn't know how close he was to loosing his head. Gulp!


Here is the last one of my two chicks hatched in February 2010. He is so spoiled.