Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I currently have an Ameraucana as my daughter. She is almost 5 month old. I live in Collier County where I am sort of breaking the rule. Because technically we can not have chickens here in the apartment complex. My sister has bought her for me back in February when she was like a week old
She was such an angel. Just recently code enforcement came because the "maintenance" guy from my apartment complex has filed a complaint with animal control and then with code enforcement. Little did he know, The animal control guy suggested that I should buy sevin's dust to prevent any mites and he informed me that she was a very healthy hen. She isn't making any noise. Then "Mary" (which I won't really reveal her real name), who works for the code enforcement here in Collier County suggested that I should either bring her to a farm or keep her in a house (since she is considered to be a pet in everyone's eyes) but in a house, not in an apartment complex. She felt real bad because she saw the bond I have with my baby. I even held her in front of "Mary" and she was shocked to see that my baby is very docile. She pretty much turned her head somewhat knowing that it is against the state
She is trying to help me either way, she even gave me her personal cellular number to keep in touch in case I needed help with some things. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can take this to the local city hall and see if I can be able to have her as a pet? Please help!