Mary-Margaret Curley

It all started when my Grandmother got chickens and I was helping her with them. Then my Uncle Story took me to a chicken sale for him to get chickens for his Frisbee Golf Course. That was when I met Oppy.
Oppy was the rooster of the bunch and the smaller one. That is when I really fell in love. That was when I decided I wanted chickens (or as I call them my kids).
So my grandmother told me I could pick one of her teenagers and name it. Her name is Carrot.
The next thing I know my Uncle, Grandmother, Aunt, and I were off to a chicken show. That was when I met Sandy from Bat Cave Silkies. A couple mnths later she called my Uncle up and said that she had 2 parteridge silkies that she would love to give to me. I was absoulutly clueless even my mom knew and didn't tell it to me.
That was when I got William and Kate who now areliving together on my Uncle Story's porch.