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By Marylizbet · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Marylizbet
    I've got 10 chickens. 3 GLWs, 4 BRs, and 3 Isa Browns. Chicken coop just finished. The rolled roofing is the only thing not doing it's job. urgh. Hopefully it'll stop leaking. I'm having fun with my chickies, and the Barred Rocks are the nicest by far!
    We've put shingles over the rolled roofing because it was junk. You could see pinholes all through it. It was only an extra ten bucks, because we returned the rolled roofing.
    I've tried to save money on my coop, and everything, because I'm also saving up to go to Ukraine this summer. Primarily to serve Jesus. I've made my own waterers, feeders, doors. Got free windows from my dad, and free brooding stuff (heat lamp, bin, cage, etc.) from my neighbour. I'ts cool how everything works out! God is sooo good to me! Mary Elizabeth

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