Marysville Washington Chicken Ordinance

  1. redfeather
    Marysville Washington Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens AllowedNo maximum.
    Roosters AllowedYes
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop RestrictionsMust be 100ft nearby residences (not property line, but the actual living space). Must be adequate for number of birds kept. Must be odor, fly, mice and rat free.
    City/Organization Contact nameMarysville City Hall: (360) 363-8000
    Additional InformationHere are the codes for Marysville, Washington.
    The 2nd part there isn\'t too strict--- there is an \"offensive odor\" hotline here, so if you have chickens, make sure that they aren\'t stinking up the place. We compost all their waste material, and keep a cover over their run, and this keeps there from being any significant odor. There is no apparent limit on the number of chickens kept, and no ordinances against roosters. Keep in mind that if you have extremely noisy birds, your neighbors might take it upon themselves to decide your chickens are stinky. I am not sure how that is all handled, but that\'s just what you need to be aware of!
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    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here..

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  1. CharMac76
    This information is incorrect. I have posted the correct information below, which was copied from the Marysville Municipal code.
    10.04.315 Chickens.The keeping of chickens for personal use of the household shall be permitted subject to the following:
    (1) A maximum of six female chickens may be kept on residential lots less than one acre in size; provided, that roosters are prohibited on lots that are less than one acre in size.
    (2) A suitable shelter that is constructed so as to discourage predators shall be provided. The shelter shall be maintained in good working condition.
    (a) Shelters, pens, and similar chicken enclosures shall be in the rear yard and shall be set back a minimum of 20 feet from neighboring residentially occupied structures.
    (b) Shelters, pens, and similar chicken enclosures shall be kept clean and free from disagreeable odors. No organic materials furnishing food for flies shall be allowed to accumulate on the premises. All manure and other refuse must be kept in tightly covered fly-proof receptacles and disposed of at least once each week in a manner approved by the animal control officer.
    (c) Chickens may roam freely in the rear yard as long as they are contained on the premises by a fence.
    (3) Chickens may be processed on the premises; provided, that the processing occurs in the rear yard out of public view.
    (4) Infected chickens with diseases harmful to humans shall be removed from the premises. (Ord. 2900 § 2, 2012).

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